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Thank You for Shopping at the LIFE ON SET STORE

Our pricing strategy for our filmmaking gear is based on each purchase providing the capacity to participate in philanthropic endeavors. Keep up to date with our charitable contributions by visiting our HELPING A LIFE page under the MORE section. 

When shopping at the Life on Set Store, you will feel like YOU made a difference.  We will continue to add products to the store as it gains industry traction. We are only looking for "MUST HAVE & UNIQUE" products that every entertainment professional should own. If you are just starting out looking to develop your craft as a Jr. filmmaker or if you are an entertainment industry veteran you will ALL ENJOY shopping at the Life on Set Store. 

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Welcome to

Life on Is a filmmaker online store that embodies onset culture and embraces philanthropy. Life on Set is where imagination meets craftsmanship supporting the entertainment industry. 

The Life on Set Store is proud to give the entertainment community a moment to stand on the talent spike mark. We want to show case the artists behind the scenes and give recognition to all those crews behind the camera lens. YOU deserve to be recognized for the creative gift you embody and the Life on Set Store is here for YOU.

Life on Set’s key Attributes are - Culture, Craftsmanship, Artistry, Passion and Philanthropy. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help a LIFE with every product purchase from your online store. Life on Set will be fully committed to help lives with our cultural brand. 

We understand how the times are evolving and the way charities are offered donations that their business model is changing. This is the new age of offering something of value to the consumer while helping a cause at the same time.

This is our business model here at

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